CO2 Negative Blockchain makes your project greener

The SeedCoin Network is a blockchain running with care for the environment and future. We enable teams to develop great user-friendly dApps, use Smart Contracts, and create NFTs.

For all teams who care

We care about the environment; this is why we made our blockchain network low-energy. It’s simple: fewer validators means a faster and more efficient network. Along with this, SeedCoin is also easy to integrate into your project.

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For reasonable consumption

Up to 50% of each transaction fee goes directly to a great project (including eco ones) either randomly or at the user's choice. So click the button below, fill out the form, wait for approval, and get SEEDs.

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Every transaction helps the planet
100% of the commission fee
is always invested to better the world

When making a transaction, up to 50% of the commission fee goes to the SeedCoin fund that donates to eco-funds and projects.

SeedCoin fund
eco-funds and projects
Awesome project
Your project
Another amazing project
Great project

Up to half of the fee coins that are not burned go directly to a project that the user has chosen (or to a randomized project from within the network). These are all unique and exciting projects, vetted and checked before they can join the network.

If part of the increased commission fee is burned, this helps the SEED holders (including eco-projects, funds, and partners) because the value of the coin increases.

Polygon Edge
Made on the basis of polygon edge

SeedCoin Network is made with Polygon Edge, a great modular and extensible framework. That’s why our blockchain is compatible with solutions based on the most of ERC-20 networks.

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SeedCoin Network is committed to fostering the growth of Web3 applications. We invite all eco-conscious developer teams to build dApps with us!

The very first dApp on our blockchain is Woodland, a great ecological project that has no equal in the world. With it, you can plant a tree and even receive payments for it.

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The most popular trend in the crypto world. You can store and create NFTs on our blockchain network. It’s simple!

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Smart Contracts

Since SeedCoin Network is compatible with Polygon- and Ethereum-based solutions, Smart Contracts are supported.

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Let’s save planet together

Everyone can become a part of blockchain networks that are investing for a greener, better future.

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About us

We believe that blockchain and crypto are the future. And that future should be green, stable, and fair.